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Net Metering in Mexico

pv solar system instalation
An on grid PV System installation in Baja

Now in Mexico you can feed the utility grid during the day while your solar panels are generating and use the grid´s energy during the night at no cost to you; so you can forget having a battery bank in your home to store the energy of your solar panels (unless your house is far away from the C.F.E. grid).

It is possible for consumers in Baja California to generate their own electricity thru solar panels and feed the surplus to C.F.E. (Comision Federal de Electricidad, the utility company in Mexico) national grid system and receive a credit on your energy bill for doing so; this is what is called as net energy metering.

Ilustration 1: On grid PV System interconnected to Mexico´s CFE national grid.

The contract that explains the exchange of energy between the generator (consumer) and the supplier (CFE) is referred to interconnection agreement.

Under this agreement, the revenue of each period is determined as the difference between the electrical energy delivered by the supplier and delivered to the grid by the generator; this exchange of energy is calculated by a digital meter, called bidirectional meter for measuring the power input and output from the solar panels.

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