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XUSOL Paneles Solres

Photovoltaic Installations connected to the electricity grid represent the majority of photovoltaic installations currently installed in the world. It is a connection model between a small producer of renewable electricity for self-consumption and the general electricity grid, in which there is an exchange of electricity.

Under this scheme, a small producer (home or business) installs solar panels to produce a volume of electricity that they consume directly at home. When its photovoltaic solar panels produce more electricity than it consumes, the small producer dumps the surpluses into the general electrical grid.

How does a solar panel system installed in your home work? We share a small diagram with you to illustrate the process and operation.

Infografía_cómo_funcionanlos paneles.jpg

On the other hand, at times when they need electricity and the photovoltaic panels are not producing, the small producer can take the energy they need from the electricity grid. In this scheme, the small producer does not have a battery where it stores the energy, but uses the electricity grid as a support for the moments when it cannot generate electricity itself, such as at night. All the injections of electricity into the grid by the small producer, as well as the amount that he takes from the grid, are accounted for by a two-way meter, called a bidirectional meter.


In reality, anyone who wants to generate sustainable energy is a candidate for photovoltaic installation; However, the most benefited are those with a high energy consumption rate or DAC (Domestic High Consumption) with electricity bills of $ 2,000 pesos or more, as well as businesses, businesses that want to save operating expenses up to 95%, up to industries with PDBT or GDMTH, GDMTO rate.

Off Grid Solar Panel Systems 

The autonomous or isolated photovoltaic system is a system of solar panels based on batteries to supply energy to homes. Normally this type of panel is chosen for ranches, cabins or places in the periphery where there is no electricity network service, such as CFE, in the case of Mexico.

It is very important to know what appliances or equipment you need to energize, including lighting, to quote an autonomous system with your supplier tailored to your energy needs, since the system that will be installed will have a specific reserve. The advantage of these systems is that you can always expand your system, that is, you can add more panels and more batteries in the future if you need to connect more equipment to your electrical system.

You don´t  have energy supply or would like to change your diesel generator for a more clean source of energy, call us now for a free off grid system estimate!

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Off Grid Solar System in Rosarito, Beach.

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